Guide to US Mint Coin Sales Figures

Welcome to, a reference for the very latest coin sales figures from the United States Mint. If you’re looking for how many silver, gold and platinum collector coins the US Mint has sold, you’ll find those stats linked in this section:

Gold & Platinum Collector Coins

Need to find Ultra High Relief (UHR), American Buffalo, or American Eagle Gold and Platinum figures? Gold and platinum sales figures >

First Spouse Gold Coins

The US gold series honoring First Ladies began in 2007. Listed are all proof and uncirculated coins. First Spouse Coins sales figures >

Silver Coins & Commemoratives

Learn how well US mint silver coins sets and the Abraham Lincoln and Louis Braille silver dollars are selling. Silver coin sales figures >

If you’re wanting to know the amount of investor bullion coins the Mint has struck, you’ll find records of those sales linked here:

Gold American Eagle Bullion

The investor coins struck by the US Mint since 1986, the American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin. Gold Eagle Bullion Coin sales figures >

Silver American Eagle Bullion

Also issued since 1986, find how many millions of silver bullion coins the US Mint has sold. Silver Eagle Bullion Coin sales figures >

Platinum American Eagle Bullion

Discover how many platinum coins the US Mint has struck for the investor-minded collector. Platinum Eagle Bullion Coin sales figures >

Gold American Buffalo Bullion

These coins produced for investment purposes have only been struck since 2006. Gold Eagle Bullion Coin sales figures >

This site is updated at least twice a week following released US Mint sales figures. Generally, the Mint completes major updates to sales stats by the end of normal business on Monday, and the data covers sales up to the previous Sunday.

However, it usually takes a couple of days for some of the sales data to propagate through to media and then public channels — especially stats for collector coins.

Typically, the Mint updates bullion coin figures several times a week. These are available directly from the Mint Web site, in addition to the at least weekly reporting here.