Gold American Buffalo Bullion Coin Sales Figures: 2006-2011

The United States Mint has not yet released or announced when the 2011 Gold American Buffalo Bullion Coin will be available. The Buffalo Gold bullion coin series was introduced by the US Mint in 2006. They are the first US coins struck in 24-karat, .9999 fine gold. These are different from their collector counterparts in that they are intended for investment purposes.

The US Mint sales figures chart shows mintages of the 1 oz coin from 2006-2010.

*Data includes final reported United State Mint coin sales figures. 2011 coin sales figures are updated at least once a month.

Here are the 2011 American Buffalo Gold coin sales figures by month as of March 18, 2011:

2011 American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin Sales
January Feb March April May June
0 0 26,000 - - -
July Aug Sept Oct Oct Oct
- - - - - -


American Buffalo Gold Coin Information

The collector and bullion American Buffalo Gold coins share the same design as the Buffalo nickel introduced in 1913. Key differences between the two types of current gold coins is that the bullion coin lacks the West Point "W" mint mark and specialized collector finish. In fact, these are characteristics of all US Mint bullion coins.

Additionally, the Mint does not sell bullion coins directly to the public, but instead to "Authorized Purchasers." These dealers then resell the coins around the world for a small premium above the current gold spot price.

Recent Gold Buffalo History

The 2011 Gold Buffalo Bullion Coin coin debuted on March 14, 2011. Between its release on Monday and through to the first Friday, buyers scooped up 26,000 of the coins.

In contrast, the U.S. Mint issued the 2010 American Buffalo Gold Coins on April 29, 2010 and 48,500 sold on the first day. Demand was robust during the first week, then slowed significantly until the Mint announced their sell out on September 23, 2010. Final coin sales figures came in at 209,000, which was 9,000 more than the 2009 tally. In fact, the year ranks as the second best for the series, although it must be noted that the gold coins were not available for much of 2009 and during two months in 2008, as the following monthly sales breakout reveals.

American Buffalo Gold Bullion Monthly Sales: 2006 - 2011
  2006 Gold Buffalo 2007 Gold Buffalo 2008 Gold Buffalo 2009 Gold Buffalo 2010 Gold Buffalo 2011 Gold Buffalo
January 0 14,000 21,500 0 0 0
February 0 37,500 6,000 0 0 0
March 0 28,000 15,000 0 0 26,000
April 0 6,500 13,000 0 56,500  
May 0 4,500 5,500 0 70,500  
June 99,500 5,500 5,500 0 33,500  
July 117,500 5,500 9,500 0 23,000  
August 22,000 13,000 34,500 0 15,500  
September 33,500 8,500 36,000 0 10,000  
October 21,500 5,000 0 116,500 -  
November 10,000 15,500 25,500 67,500 -  
December 19,000 24,000 0 16,000    
Total 323,000 167,500 172,000 200,000 209,000 21,500



The US Mint has indicated that it will begin selling the collector version, the 2010 Proof American Buffalo Gold Coin, on May 19, 2011.

American Gold Eagle Coin Design

Both the obverse and reverse designs for the American Gold Buffalo Coin were originally found on James Earle Fraser's (1876-1953) early 20th century nickel commonly known as either the "Indian Head Nickel" or the "Buffalo Nickel."

A profile of a Native American is found on the obverse or heads side of the coin. Fraser reportedly used three different Indian Chiefs as models for the design. The reverse features an American Bison, commonly called a buffalo.

Eagle Coin Specifications

The following are the specification for the bullion American Gold Buffalo coin:

   Mint: United States Mint
   Mint Mark: None
   Finish/Condition: Circulated
   Metal Content: .9999 fine gold / 24 karat gold
   Gross Weight: 31.108 grams
   Fine Weight: 1 oz
   Diameter: 32.70 mm
   Thickness: 2.95 mm
   Edge: Reeded
   Mintage Limit: Based on demand
   Face Value: $50
   Obverse Designer: James Earle Fraser
   Reverse Designer: James Earle Fraser

For more information on the coin, visit the US Mint website at