Collectible Coins Not Up with Bullion Sales

by admin on October 30, 2009

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US Mint coinsCollectors and investors are keeping US Mint sales interesting. Bullion demand remained high, but collectible products cooled considerably. Much different than last week, but it’s to be expected since there was no new product launch.

Silver and gold American Eagles and American Buffalo bullion coins did well for the seven day period. In fact, the Silver Eagle bullion had their best October ever.

The latest US Mint sales stats are always added on Coin Sales Figures throughout the week. The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

US Mint Sales: Bullion Robust, Collector Coins Retreat

Mint Sales Figures ImageUS Mint collector coins moved like molasses when compared to sales figures of two weeks ago. But bullion coins — especially gold — still had a little swagger in their step. October will be a robust month for American Eagles and American Buffalos. These and other highlights follow: …

Full Article: Bullion Demand Up, Collector Coins Down – CoinNews

First Spouse Coin Sales Slip

First Spouse Coin Sales Figures Sales retreated again for the beautiful 24-karat First Spouse Gold Coins. In fact, the total unit increase for the seven day period was less than half of what it was in the prior report.

Sarah Polk Proofs still led the First Spouse series by adding 79, but both Anna Harrison Proofs and Letitia Tyler Proofs lost 22 and 5 sales respectively. Harrison’s total sales slid down to …

Full Article: First Spouse Coins Slip –

US Mint Silver Coins Cool, Bullion Eagles Near 23M

Sales Stats imageUS Mint sales numbers are often mixed when it comes to silver related collector products — demand for coins in one hand rise while those in the other decline, metaphorically speaking. October has been different. Silver coins have trended up or down as a group without the mixing.

Last week’s report was filled with strong, bullish numbers. This week’s numbers are bearish. Everything ticked lower except for the Quarters Silver Proof Set. They increased …

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Mint Stats: Spotlight Back on American Eagle Totals

It might be the holidays approaching. It might be increased investor interest. Demand for the American Eagles bullion coins seems to be on the upswing.

Julian Jarvis of Greencastle, Ind., says supplies of the silver American Eagle have been tightening up and immediate shipment of orders might …

Full Article: Spotlight Back on American Eagle Totals – NumisMaster

2009 Lincoln Coin Sales Movement

Sales were modest for 2009 Lincoln products this time around. To clarify, there were no big spikes, like last week.

The 2009 US Mint Proof Set climbed another 21,826 compared to last week’s 21,189. The redesigned pennies in the set were believed to make this year’s set more popular than previous years. Right now, over 1.2 million 2009 Mint Proof Sets have …

Full Article: 2009 Lincoln Coin Movement –

Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of October 25.

Tables of the latest sales for US Mint collector coins are always available from Collector Coin Sales, and the prior report may be read by following Mint Sales Higher in Mid-October. Recent US Mint Bullion Coin Sales are also available.

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