Collector Coin Sales at US Mint – May 30

by admin on May 30, 2009

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Still headlining most coin sales news articles last week was how well rolls of 2009 Lincoln cents were selling. Sales eased from the prior week, but are still exceptionally strong.

In news for quarters last week, the US Mint Ended Puerto Rico Quarter Sales while Guam Quarters went on sale Tuesday, May 26.

First Spouse Coins took a hit, with six of eight coins sliding into lower demand. The prior week had six of the eight gold pieces performing better. Braille Silver Dollars experienced a nice rise.

The very latest US Mint coin sales statistics are always added on Coin Sales Figures throughout the week. The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

Rail Splitter Cents Jump, Braille Silver Dollars Surge

Mint Sales Figures ImageLincoln Rail Splitter cents are still in demand, Braille Silver Dollar sales surge, Puerto Rico quarters are expired and UHR $20 gold coins continue mostly at their regular pace.

Repeating what most coin collectors already know, the Lincoln Rail Splitter cent went on sale Thursday, May 14. By Sunday, 200,055 of the two-roll sets were sold, equating to more than 20 million pennies. Flash forward more than a week to the latest US Mint sales data… 22,771 more sets have sold for a total of 222,826. For background, read the CoinNews article from earlier this week entitled Lincoln Rail Splitter Sales “Normalizing”.

Full Article: Rail Splitter Cents Jump, Braille Silver Dollars Surge – CoinNews

First Spouse Coin Sales

First Spouse Coin Sales Figures First Spouse Gold Coin sales were mostly lower over the last several days, according to the latest United States Mint sales data.

While last week’s report showed sales increased for six of eight First Lady coins, a reversal occurred in recent days with demand declining for seven of eight coins.

The only gainer over the prior report was the proof Anna Harrison First Spouse Gold Coin — sales climbed by 120, or 2.9 percent compared to the prior 73, or 1.8 percent increase…

Full Article: First Spouse Coin Sales – First Spouse Coins

US Silver Coin Stats, Braille Coin Sales

Sales Stats imageLouis Braille Silver Dollars were the standout. Demand for these commemorative coins surged. On the other hand, sales declined for all other collector silver coins and sets, the latest US Mint sales stats reveal.

No doubt helping the Brailles were two recent promotions — the launch of Braille Dollars into space and the NFB plea to buy them. 10,045 more of the proof and uncirculated versions were sold, for a total of 165,741 across both options. The proof silver dollar experienced the biggest gain as sales climbed 7.96 percent over the prior numbers…

Full Article: US Silver Coin Stats, Braille Coin Sales – Silver Coins Today

Mint Stats: Lincoln Roll Total Rises at Moderate Pace

If there was just one statistic on this page and it was the Formative Years two-roll Lincoln cent set, that would probably satisfy the vast majority of readers. The set is certainly commanding wide attention among collectors. This week the sales increase is not as dramatic as last week’s number, but an increase of 22,771 sets is nothing to sneeze at…

Full Article: Mint Stats: Lincoln Roll Total Rises at Moderate Pace – NumisMaster

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