Collector Coin Sales: Gold Coins Make Sold Gains – Aug. 21

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Ultra-High Relief gold coins made solid gains for a third straight week. The coins jumped to 80,700 for a weekly gain of 2,901. Sales were exceptionally strong at the recent ANA World’s Fair of Money in LA.

The third 2009 cent launched August 13 and collector demand for US Mint sold rolls was high, although lower than figures from the second redesigned penny over the same time period. For the first report on their performance, 152,146 of the two-roll sets were sold within four days.

The latest US Mint sales stats are always added on Coin Sales Figures throughout the week. The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

UHRs Near 81K, Gold Eagles Top 801K

Mint Sales Figures ImageSince many coin collectors spend their time outside of the hobby during the summer months, US Mint weekly sales can tend to be routine and borderline boring. That is not the case with the latest round of coin figures.

Highlights follow:

  • In a single week, August demand for American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins nearly doubled. 23,000 had been sold up through the 12th. By the 19th, 45,000 were purchased. For the year, the total has jumped to 801,500.
  • Silver Eagle Bullion Coins continue their blazing sales trail. 17,739,000 have been sold this year. Another 475,000 left US Mint doors in the last seven days alone.
  • Collectors purchased 2,901 more UHRs in a week (see UHR Double Eagle Sales Top 80K.)
  • 2009 Lincoln Formative Year Cents sold out at 300,000, as inaugural sales of the Illinois Lincoln penny two-roll sets reached 152,146. (See 15.2 Million Professional Life Cents Sold in Four Days.)
  • Freshly minted Julia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coins reached 2,087 for the proof and 1,125 for the uncirculated. At the same time, the proof Jackson’s Liberty First Spouse Coin sold out. The latest US Mint figures show their total at 7,806.
  • And for the final highlights, 2009 Proof Sets are gliding along. The clad set climbed another 19,906 and is heading toward one million. The silver set rose by 17,277 with an eye toward 500,000.

As an interesting side note…

Full Article: UHRs Near 81K, Gold Eagles Top 801K – CoinNews

Julia Tyler First Spouse Coins Sales Rise 35%

First Spouse Coin Sales Figures The First Spouse Coin news of the week is the sell out of Jackson’s Liberty proof coin. The US Mint unexpectedly placed the gold piece in its “sold out” category, although the uncirculated option is still available to buy.

Most who follow the series were expecting the US Mint to stop selling both coins on the morning of Sept. 3, which is the day Sarah Polk First Spouse Coins are released.

The latest proof and uncirculated sales tallies for each coin are…

Full Article: Julia Tyler First Spouse Coins Sales Rise 35% –

Silver Eagles Rise 475K

Sales Stats imageIt was another strong week for at least two US mint silver coin products. American Silver Eagles shined and the 18-coin Silver Proof Set commanded coin collector’s attention.

In another huge weekly leap, Bullion American Silver Eagles jumped 475,000. That follows last week’s impressive 430,00 gain. The tally for August is up to 1,105,000, and the total for 2009 is now at 17,739,500. These are record-setting paces…

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Mint Stats: Third Lincoln Roll Set Start Slower Than Second

The third in the sequence of two-roll Lincoln cent sets has made its debut and the second one has gone off sale.

For the new issue, sales in the first three days were 152,146. This is down roughly 25 percent from the sales rate registered for the second two-roll set, which hit 200,055 in the first three days after its launch in May. Of course, both of these are far…

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UHR $20 Double Eagle Sales Top 80K

2009 Ultra High Relief (UHR) Double Eagle Gold coins have topped a new milestone and demand is stronger than ever in the month of August.

New United States Mint sales figures reveal several thousand of the 24-karat gold coins have been sold during the last few days alone. And since the US Mint began offering them on January 22, 2009, a total of 80,700 have been sold.

It is quite an accomplishment and a testament to the popularity of the UHR, given the hefty price tag of nearly $1,300 a piece to acquire one…

Full Article: UHR $20 Double Eagle Sales Top 80K – CoinNews

Lincoln Professional Life Cent Roll Sales

Two-roll set sales of the 2009 Lincoln Professional Life Cent hummed strongly between their launch in Springfield, Illinois on Thursday, Aug. 13, and Sunday, Aug. 16.

The United States Mint reported that 152,146 two-roll sets were purchased by collectors. That is more than 15.2 million pennies. And with sets priced at $8.95 each, a tidy $1.36 million dollar revenue intake for the US Mint.

Perhaps more interesting is that initial sales are higher than the first redesigned penny but lower than the second. For the latter, during the same inaugural timeframe, two-roll Lincoln Rail Splitter sales hit 200,055…

Full Article: Lincoln Professional Life Cent Roll Sales –

Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of August 16.

Tables of the latest sales for US Mint collector coins are always available from Collector Coin Sales, and the prior report may be read by following Collector Coin Sales – Aug. 14. Recent US Mint Bullion Coin Sales are also available.

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