Collector Coin Sales Uneventful Christmas Week

by admin on January 3, 2010

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US Mint coinsDemand was low for collector US Mint products during Christmas week, the data revealed. Stats were low almost across the board.

The Mint sold over 1,000 of the 2009 Ultra High Relief Saint Gaudens Double Eagles as the deadline to order approached. This report showed a full seven days of sales, but the next will consist of the last and final four days, since the Mint ceased sales at 3 PM (Eastern) on Thursday, December 31, 2009.

Proof American Buffalo Gold Coin sales were down, despite the popularity of gold last week. About the only gold to improve during the holiday was the Letitia Tyler First Spouse uncirculated gold coin, which gained 20 in this report but only 13 in the last report.

The latest US Mint sales stats are always added on Coin Sales Figures throughout the week. The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

2009 American Gold Eagles Lead US Mint’s Sales

Mint Sales Figures ImageIf the United States Mint was hoping for strong Christmas week sales from Santa, unfortunately, they were disappointed. For the third straight week figures show significant drops in volume almost across the board for collector coins. Only a few meager entries managed a positive change, but the overall results are not too rosy. Of course, this time of year one would expect a lack of interest in the hobby with thoughts …

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US First Spouse Gold Post Holiday Sales Drop

First Spouse Coin Sales Figures Post holiday US Mint sales figures were a little frightful, since only a few more than one hundred First Spouse Gold Coins were added. The total sold was 113, compared to last week’s 506. Needless to say, these coins were not on many collectors’ minds. The most popular Spouse coins were the Proof Margaret Taylor’s, Sarah Polk’s and Julia Tyler’s. Each managed …

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Silver Collector Coins Weaken, Eagles Soar

Sales Stats imageThe latest United States Mint sales report shows robust 2009 Silver Eagle bullion figures, but weakening numismatic silver coin demand. The bullion Silver Eagles just came off their most recent suspension on Dec. 7. Since then, and despite their allocated or rationed distribution, the US Mint has sold 2,687,500 to their small group of authorized dealers, marking the second best December for Silver Eagles since …

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Mint Stats: Bullion Demand Overshadows Other Sales

Gold buyers seemed to be firmly focused on the one-ounce American Eagle gold bullion coin rather than collectible versions of the precious metal. The one-ounce Eagle sales number jumped by 44,500 to bring the December tally to 107,000 coins and the cumulative 2009 sales total to 1,300,500. Sales of the Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens gold $20 rose by just 1,384 coins. The Christmas holiday occurred during the sales period and many …

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2009 Lincoln Proof Set Sold Out, Sales Update

Sales for products with 2009 Lincoln Cents were down this week, according to the latest United States Mint sales figures. That’s no surprise, because lower sales is typical for most everything from the Mint once the holiday delivery deadline passes. The most notable news update is that the Lincoln Cent Proof Sets are no longer available from the US Mint. The sets were removed from the Mint web site sometime around Dec. 21 …

Full Article: 2009 Lincoln Proof Set Sold Out, Sales Update –

Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of December 27.

Tables of the latest sales for US Mint collector coins are always available from Collector Coin Sales, and the prior report may be read by following Collector Sets Decline, Gold Improves. Recent US Mint Bullion Coin Sales are also available.

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