Sales Figures Increase for US Mint Gold Bullion Coins

by admin on November 17, 2009

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US Bullion Coins & SalesThe United States Mint sold more gold bullion coins during the last seven days than the preceding week, the latest figures from the agency reveal. Sales of silver coins were also strong, but down slightly.

US Mint authorized dealers purchased another 31,500 American Gold Eagles and 12,500 more American Gold Buffalo coins from last Monday to today. That compares to the prior respective pick ups of 29,000 and 11,000.

American Silver Eagles advanced 775,000 during the same period, and passed just over 25 million for the year. Last week’s report showed that the silver eagles had climbed by 825,000.

Here are tables containing the most recent US Mint sales figures of bullion coins:

American Eagle Bullion Coin Sales Totals

Nov 9
Nov 16
Unit Difference
% Difference
Silver Eagle Sales 24,231,500 25,006,500 775,000 3.2%
Gold Buffalos 127,500 140,000 12,500 9.8%
Gold Eagle Sales 1,098,500 1,130,000 31,500 2.9%

US Mint Sales of Bullion Eagle Coins

  Silver Eagles Gold Buffalos Gold Eagles
January 1,900,000 0 92,000
February 2,125,000 0 113,500
March 3,132,000 0 136,500
April 2,518,000 0 147,500
May 1,904,000 0 65,000
June 2,245,000 0 116,000
July 2,810,000 0 86,000
August 2,130,000 0 82,000
September 1,703,000 0 115,500
October 2,939,000 116,500 115,500
November 1,600,000 23,500 60,500
Total* 25,006,500 140,000 1,130,000


The US Mint sells bullion coins, which are the non collector versions, only to its authorized purchasers who then sell to dealers and/or directly to the public. With that, some give and take and delay should be placed into the equation for judging "today’s demand" for these coins when having only Mint numbers at hand.

To keep up to date with the latest sales, see:

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