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by admin on June 27, 2009

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It was a bit of a hum drum week for US collector coins and recent sales. While there were some new heights reached in total coins sold, week-over-week numbers for many US Mint products declined.

Expecting continual blowout weeks is of course unrealistic. Consider how long it has been since the last coin launch, for one — several weeks. And for two, the coin market is consistently less active in summer months.

Without a doubt the biggest news most collectors took note of happened on Wednesday with the Mint announcing it had added the remaining Lincoln cents of 2009 to its online subscription program. The system works much like a magazine subscription (shipping occurs after each new cent is released.) The Mint does not report subscription figures, but they had to take a huge jump given the popularity of the new redesigned pennies.

The very latest US Mint coin sales are always added on Coin Sales Figures throughout the week. The following four articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

US Mint Sales: 2009 Proof Sets Pass 577K

Mint Sales Figures ImageCollector action was mostly lackadaisical when it came to purchasing coins last week, the latest US Mint sales figures reveal. Despite that, a few milestones were achieved as we so often like to point out in our weekly heading.

2009 Proof Sets again retreated from their launch week highs, which is naturally normal. They did reel in a new total of 577,425 sold. At $29.95 for each set, the Mint has grossed more than $17.2 million in 21 days.

2009 Lincoln Rail Splitter pennies also pulled away from their peaks and are now caught in the valleys. But the bicentennial coins continue to amass dizzying numbers. In just over a month’s time, collectors have purchased 267,530 of the two-roll sets. For the curious minded, that’s more than 26.7 million pennies. With collector’s spending 8.95 cents for every one, that’s nearly $2.4 million for the Mint…

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First Spouse Coin Sales Lean Lower

First Spouse Coin Sales Figures First Spouse Coin Sales were mixed last week, but mostly leaned lower following the prior week where every coin had declined in performance.

In comparing US Mint figures from the week prior and week-over-week percent increases, two of eight coins inched higher, two were unchanged and four slipped. Anna Harrison gold coins lead with 1.1 percent increases. The proof version also garnered the top spot for most coins sold at an unremarkable 50.

In related news, the US Mint updated its’ coin schedule for the second time in June. The release date for Letitia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coins has shifted again, but this time just one day ahead to…

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US Mint Silver Coin Sales Mixed

Sales Stats imageWhile the latest figures for US Mint collector silver coins and sets sales show a mixture of ups and downs, the overall picture appears less than exciting.

The "winner" in the week-over-week comparison for both a unit and percentage increase was the DC & US Territories Quarters. The set rose by 3.42 percent for another 6,491 — yet, still substantially lower than the prior week when 10,374 were scooped up.

Braille Dollars dipped with the exception of those sold within the easy-open capsule. The total across all three production options is now up to 171,347. A reasonably strong showing for a commemorative coin. In saying that, the likelihood of a 400,000 strong sell out appears distant…

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Mint Stats: New Eagle Sales Give June a Golden Glow

Sales of bullion American Eagle gold and silver one-ounce coins perked up a tad this week. The gold version of the popular investment coin series increased by 25,500 pieces and the silver version increased by 42,500.

These aren’t weekly records, but it does show that demand is not falling off a cliff and the Mint’s ability to call off its allocation system is based more on increasing supply than falling demand. That will make the gold bugs feel a little more…

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