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Collectors spent more money on coins as their outlook improved for nearly every US Mint product over the prior week.

In the latest US Mint sales figures ending July 19, newly released 2009 Silver Proof Sets stood out as 271,372 were purchased in only three days. Demand was at least modestly higher for other silver coins too, like the Braille Silver Dollar commemoratives. 176,332 of the proof and uncirculated coins have been purchased.

If there were losers in the group, it had to be First Spouse Gold Coins. Sales for six of the eight US Mint sold coins declined compared to the week prior.

The latest US Mint sales stats are always added on Coin Sales Figures throughout the week. The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

US Mint Sales Figures: UHR’s Top 70,000

Mint Sales Figures ImageWhat a difference a week can make. Collectors partially awoke from a summer slumber and began to buy US coins.

Ultra High Relief $20 Gold coins surpassed 70,000, newly released 2009 Silver Proof Sets reached 271,372 in three days, American Eagle Silver bullion coins topped 15.8 million, and demand was higher for the remaining US Mint silver coins.

Aside from several straggling First Spouse Gold coins, the US Mint had a good week — at least better than the last. Even non silver 2009 Proof Sets emerged from a haze to rise 45,729 compared to the last reported…

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First Spouse Gold Coins Sales

First Spouse Coin Sales Figures US Mint First Spouse Gold Coin sales were mostly on par with typical summer figures of late — there was no coin to really brag about… Again leaders from a pure numbers stand point were Letitia Tyler First Spouse Coins issued July 2. Proof and uncirculated options increased by 376 and 173, respectively.

The figures show demand retreated for six of eight First Lady coins when compared to the prior week…

Full Article: First Spouse Gold Coins Sales – First Spouse Coins

US Mint Silver Coin Sales

Sales Stats imageLast week figures had silver coin demand declining across all US Mint offerings with the exception of red-hot silver eagle bullion coins. Not so for recent sales.

Silver eagles continued to dominate, yes, but newly released 2009 Silver Proof Sets soared. And remaining Mint silver products climbed at least modestly.

In coming back to American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins, the US Mint sold 400,000 more from Wednesday to Wednesday. 2,025,000 were purchased in July, bringing the 2009 tally to a record-breaking pace of 15,849,500…

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Mint Stats: Cent Rolls and Precious Metals Move Up

Sales of the two-roll sets of Formative Years Lincoln cents continue to advance. This week the rise was 5,179 to a total of 290,086. Despite collector complaints of the $8.95 price, the Mint seems to have no trouble selling the sets.

Sales of the two-roll set for the third issue called “Professional Life” to honor Lincoln’s time in Springfield, the capital city of Illinois, are set to begin Aug. 13…

Full Article: Mint Stats: Cent Rolls and Precious Metals Move Up – NumisMaster

2009 Silver Proof Set Sales

2009 Silver Proof SetUS Mint 2009 Silver Proof Set sales were roaring mad during the first three days of release — despite their $52.95 price tag.

271,372 were sold between their noon launch on Friday and up and through to Sunday, new US Mint figures reveal. Sales surged passed the same year six quarters silver proof set by more than 56,000. And those were issued several months back on March 23.

Demand looks to be paralleling the similar inaugural sales pace of the non silver 18-coin 2009 Proof Set. 437,178 of these were sold during the first seven days. (851,097 have been purchased as of Sunday.)…

Full Article: 2009 Silver Proof Set Sales – CoinNews

Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of July 19. Tables of the latest sales for US Mint collector coins are always available from Collector Coin Sales. Recent US Mint Bullion Coin Sales are also available.

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