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There were several products that stood out in the latest US Mint collector coin sales figures. Most talked about were the Guam quarters. The newest 2009 commemorative quarters was recently issued and the first week of their sales in bags and quarters were high. Mintage figures were also made available.

Collector gold coins have performed reasonable well of late. No doubt the climb in gold prices toward $1,000 an ounce had helped. Sales of UHR $20 and seven of the eight First Spouse Gold Coins were better than normal.

Sales of Lincoln Rail Splitter penny rolls have eased, but not subsided. Nearly 240,000 of the two-roll sets were sold in about two weeks.

Finally, demand for the silver 2009 quarter set also increased. The non silver proof set was recently released, which likely contributed to the gains.

The very latest US Mint coin sales statistics are always added on Coin Sales Figures throughout the week. The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

23.7 Million Rail Splitter Cents Sold

Mint Sales Figures ImageIn just over two week’s time, Lincoln Rail Splitter Cents have made a massive impact on the collecting community, based on US Mint sales figures and collector chatter.

A whopping 237,365 of the two-roll sets were purchased as of Sunday, May 31. With 100 coins per set, that is a total of 23,736,500 Lincoln pennies sold in May.

Sales of the Lincoln Rail Splitter Cent have slowed down significantly since they were released on May 14th. Initial demand was extremely high for the second…

Full Article: 23.7 Million Rail Splitter Cents Sold – 2009 Lincoln Pennies

US Mint Sales: Guam Quarters Surge, UHR’s Double

Mint Sales Figures ImageNew UHR $20 gold coin sales double up, Guam quarters soar, Braille Silver Dollars sink, and Lincoln Rail Splitter totals approach 24 million. To the US Mint numbers…

Bags and rolls of Guam quarters went on sale May 26 and in less than a week their numbers outshined the first weekly performance of the Puerto Rico quarters. And that happened prior to collectors learning of the extremely low Guam quarter mintage. Instead of rehashing the same details here again, read the CoinNews article entitled Guam Quarter Mintage & Sales Figures.

Sales of new Lincoln penny rolls continue to slow, yet an additional 14,539 of the two-roll sets were purchased just last week…

Full Article: US Mint Sales: Guam Quarters Surge, UHR’s Double – CoinNews

First Spouse Gold Coins Sales

First Spouse Coin Sales Figures Sales picked up for all but one of the available eight US Mint First Spouse Gold Coins. Given that the numbers were less than impressive the last go-around, the task of overtaking them was hardly a magnificent feat. But several of the coins had solid figures that would standout on any week.

Leading the charge with the most sold were Louisa Adams gold coins. 424 of the proof and uncirculated options were recently purchased. Helping was the fact that collectors were expecting the coins to go off sale Thursday when Letitia Tyler spouse gold coins were set to launch…

Full Article: First Spouse Gold Coins Sales – First Spouse Coins

Silver Coin Sales: DC & US Territories Quarters Silver Proof Set Shine

Sales Stats imageWith the exception of the DC & US Territories Quarters Silver Proof Set, silver coin sales were mostly lackluster based on the latest US Mint stats.

The quarters silver proof set surged with an additional 12,238 sold for a total of 163,703. Not bad considering the sets have only been on sale since March 23. Why the increase? There’s a good chance the sets received extra attention when collectors were checking out the newly released 2009 US Proof Set

Full Article: Silver Coin Sales: DC & US Territories Quarters Silver Proof Set Shine – Silver Coins Today

Mint Stats: Guam Quarter Bags Start Off With a Bang

Sales of bags and rolls of Guam quarters hit the charts here with a bang. And these numbers were recorded before the news arrived that the Guam quarters now hold the position of scarcest of the three 2009 designs. Not only has the Denver Guam become the scarcest of the year, but the Philadelphia issue is the second scarcest.

Beginning sales of the 1,000-coin bags are already higher than the final numbers for Puerto Rico. The other options are more routine so far, but it will pay to watch…

Full Article: Mint Stats: Guam Quarter Bags Start Off With a Bang – NumisMaster

Guam Quarter Sales Figures

Guam Sales Stats imageIt is safe to say that the low production numbers for Puerto Rico quarters were a source of conversation for those in the industry a couple of months back.

For those who were surprised at those historically low levels, they will be shocked to hear of the drop in production for the Guam quarter. And needless to say, the latest US Mint Guam sales figures show demand for the quarters during their first week of sales in bags and rolls is stronger than that experienced by the Puerto Rico quarters.

Figures from the US Mint released Tuesday show that only 87,600,000 Guam quarters were produced, with 45 million of those struck in Philadelphia and 42.6 million at Denver. That accounts for only a bit over 63% of what was issued for the Puerto Rico quarters.

Full Article: Guam Quarter Sales Figures – CoinNews

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