US Mint Collector Coin Sales Update – June 13

by admin on June 14, 2009

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US Mint collector coin sales were a mixed bag. Compared to the previous Mint figures, demand for gold coins generally declined while silver coins and sets improved — with the exception of the Braille Silver Dollars where totals actually shifted lower from prior numbers.

UHR $20 coins returned to their more normalized selling pace with 772 more sold. After an impressive week, five of the eight gold First Spouse coins suffered through lower sales.

Demand for Guam quarters in bags and rolls remained exceptionally high while Lincoln Rail Splitter Cent two-roll sets reached 250,577 sold.

The very latest US Mint coin sales statistics are always added on Coin Sales Figures throughout the week. The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

US Mint Sales: Proof Sets Soar as Braille Silver Dollars Plunge

Mint Sales Figures ImageThe latest batch of US Mint sales show soaring 2009 Proof Sets, Braille Silver Dollars collapsing, Guam quarters sizzling, Rail Splitter cents rising and UHR $20s normalizing.

The Mint’s 18-coin proof set went on sale Monday, June 1. In a blazing rage, collectors purchased 437,178 of the sets in a single week.

In contrast, Braille Silver Dollars had what can only be described as a back-breaking week. For whatever reason — the Mint does not indicate the whys in weekly reports — the uncirculated coins tumbled to levels of prior weeks. 2,071 were subtracted from the Mint’s previously reported sales figures. The proof option was an exception as sales increased by…

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First Spouse Coins Sales- June 10

First Spouse Coin Sales Figures Van Buren’s Liberty First Spouse gold proof coin topped the 6,000 marker, although sales of the gold coin actually declined from the prior week.

Worse, five of the eight US Mint sold First Spouse Coins experienced reduced sales — a turnaround from our last report where seven showed improved week-over-week gains.

The semi reversal is not without explanation. Gold prices were on the rise and forced a $25 price increase on June 3 for each coin — a non helpful event for the series…

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US Silver Coin Sales – Braille’s Retreat

Sales Stats imageThe latest US Mint sales stats show renewed interest in silver coins and sets, with the exception of Braille Silver Dollars.

For whatever reason — accounting corrections, customer returns, etc. — uncirculated Louis Braille Silver Dollar numbers plunged to levels reported some two to three weeks back.

Compared to last week’s report, the single uncirculated dollar dropped by 583 coins while those within the easy-open capsule retreated…

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Mint Stats: Mint Out of the 1,000-Quarter Guam Bags?

Guam quarter sales are rolling right along, but the focus has changed from the big bags to the smaller bags and the two-roll set. This might be due to the fact that the Mint has run out of the 1,000-coin bags.

I have not been officially informed of that, but since the numbers did not rise in a manner similar to the other sales options, I think it is a good guess. The number of two-roll sets jumped by almost…

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2009 Proof Set Sales

2009 Proof Set2009 US Mint Proof Set sales were on fire during their inaugural launch week.

While the annual sets are always exceedingly popular, the latest one took the Mint by storm. Amazingly, 437,178 of the sets were sold from Monday, June 1, to Sunday, June 7.

The high volume was not without consequences. Most collectors who ordered during the opening hours needed a booster shot of patience.

Purchasing the proof coins online was like waiting for store doors to open on Black Friday morning. But much worse for the Mint, tens of thousands of collectors were trying to rush through their store front in a matter of hours. The jam caused long wait times and forced the Mint to briefly shut down online sales to… dare we say, reboot?

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