US Mint Collector Sales, Native American Dollar Launch

by admin on January 30, 2010

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US Mint coinsUS Mint collector product sales were mixed, with few highlights, the latest United States Mint stats revealed. One 2010 product was added and began the new year with a warm welcome.

The 2010 Native American Dollar 25-Coin Rolls launched on Jan. 22nd and by the 24th sold to the tune of 16,779. A little more than eight thousand came from each of the Philadelphia and Denver Mints.

Another popular product for the week was the 2009 DC & US Territories Quarters Proof Set, with almost 9,000 in new sales. It was certainly a jump compared to last week’s negative number of -6,809.

The latest US Mint sales stats are always added on Coin Sales Figures throughout the week. The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

US Mint Bullion Coin Sales Lead

Mint Sales Figures ImageThe amount of money coin collectors have been spending on numismatic coins has fallen since the middle of December, as a holding pattern is apparent by those who have already made their 2009-dated purchases and are awaiting the US Mint’s new offerings. The latest weekly sales report from the United States Mint is the least impressive in a very long time. Only three collector products showed improvements over the prior week …

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First Spouse Gold Coin Sales Wane, Prices Drop

First Spouse Coin Sales Figures Sales slowed for seven of the ten available US First Spouse Gold Coins, according to the latest Mint sales data. In fact, the overall sales were the lowest for the month, sliding all the way to 240. Last week’s overall was 733. While the previous report showed triple digit increases for both Margaret Taylor coins, 320 for the Uncirculated and 261 for the Proofs, this week Taylors’ only rose by 38 and …

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US Mint Sales: American Silver Eagle Milestone

Sales Stats imageDemand during the last several days has declined for all United States Mint silver products, according to the latest sales stats. Still, investors and collectors this month have given more than enough attention to the newly released bullion 2010 American Silver Eagle coins. January sales are at an all-time, record-smashing high. 3,225,000 of the 2010-dated bullion silver coins have been sold as of today. Combined with the …

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Proof Buffalo gold sales among upticks

Gold proof Buffalo sales edged up slightly since the Jan. 12 totals. As of Jan. 25, 44,889 of the one-ounce coins had been sold. Sales of the 2009 uncirculated and proof sets are also all up modestly. The 36-coin uncirculated set rose 5,154 to top 700,000, at 701,036. The largest increase among the proof set figures was for the six-quarter set, which went from 590,056 to 599,023 in …

Full Article: Proof Buffalo gold sales among upticks – Numismatic News

Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of January 24.

Tables of the latest sales for US Mint collector coins are always available from Collector Coin Sales, and the prior report may be read by following US Mint Collector Coin Sales Sluggish. Recent US Mint Bullion Coin Sales are also available.

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