US Mint Sales Figures for Collector Coins – July 3

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Proof sets were the biggest winner in the latest round of US Mint collector coin sales figures. Sales of the 18-coin clad sets leaped by 106,987. It was the strongest showing after the initial launch days. 684,412 have now been purchased in 28 days.

Lincoln Rail Splitter pennies also received a nice shot in the arm. Numbers picked up following several recent weeks of semi softness. 8,704 more of the two-roll sets were purchased compared to the prior 7,912.

In new releases of the week, the US Mint Issued Letitia Tyler First Spouse Coins on Thursday. For additional information that also includes biographical history of the First Lady, see Letitia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coins.

The very latest US Mint coin sales are always added on Coin Sales Figures throughout the week. The following four articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

Lincoln Formative Years Cents Reach 27.6M in June

2009 Lincoln Penny sales2009 Lincoln Rail Splitter pennies, formally known as the “Formative Years” cents, are exceedingly popular with the American public.

Released US Mint sales figures continue to show exceptional demand for the second of four redesigned 2009 pennies that commemorate the birth of President Abraham Lincoln.

The Rail Splitter penny was launched on May 14. While the coins have been extremely difficult to find in circulation, they are available…

Full Article: Lincoln Formative Years Cents Reach 27.6M in June – 2009 Lincoln Pennies

US Mint Sales: 2009 Proof Sets Surge

Mint Sales Figures ImageStanding out in the latest batch of US Mint sales figures is an eyebrow raising increase for the 18-coin clad 2009 Proof Set.

After a double-take, the numbers were verified as true. Another 106,987 were purchased during the prior seven days ending on Sunday.

The new total stands at an impressive 684,412 sold in the first 28 days. The increase was the best ever, with the exception of launch week. Why the jump? Look to Mint marketing. Postcards advertising the sets hit collector mailboxes en masse last week, reminding the public to buy. They did…

Full Article: US Mint Sales: 2009 Proof Sets Surge – CoinNews

First Spouse Gold Coins Sales Mixed

First Spouse Coin Sales Figures First Spouse Coin sales were again mixed last week but trended a touch higher, according to new US Mint data.

Four of eight coins climbed, two were unchanged and two slid, when comparing the week prior and week-over-week percent increases for the gold coin series. None moved in either direction by any significant factor.

The biggest gainer in the group was the proof Anna Harrison First Spouse coin, rising by…

Full Article: First Spouse Gold Coins Sales Mixed – First Spouse Coins

US Mint Silver Coin Sales Fluid

Sales Stats imageIn typical fashion of late, the demand for US silver coins and sets flows differently depending on the week, with both ups and downs.

Of the six silver products sold, the latest US Mint sales figures have four with modest increases and two easing lower. The down shifters were…

Full Article: US Mint Silver Coin Sales Fluid – Silver Coins Today

Mint Stats: Proof Sets Heat Up, Pres. Dollars Steady

Proof sets seem to be up, up and away this week. Sales of the 2009 18-coin clad set are up by nearly 107,000, 2009 six-quarter silver sets are up 6,173, six-quarter sets are up 6,275 and four-coin presidential sets are up 4,433.

Presidential dollars, on the other hand, remained steady. In 25-coin rolls, Van Buren increased by 191, Jackson and Jefferson increased…

Full Article: Mint Stats: Proof Sets Heat Up, Pres. Dollars Steady – NumisMaster

Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of June 28. Tables of the latest sales for US Mint collector coins are always available from Collector Coin Sales.

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