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US Mint coinsSets were top sellers according to the most recent coin sales figures from the United States Mint. The 2011 Uncirculated Mint Set made its debut and was most popular. The 2011 Proof Mint Set and Silver Proof Set came in second and third.

The Uncirculated Mint Set, aka the Mint Set, opened with 191,391. They launched on Tuesday, February 8. Their opening numbers were not at strong as last year, but that has been the case for all of the annual sets so far this year.

Collectors also scooped up 73,789 of the 2011 Proof Sets and 24,630 of the Silver Proof Sets. The weekly stats were higher than those recorded in the prior week, which were 20,473 and 23,151, respectively. Perhaps sales were higher because many of the purchasers felt like it was a good time to buy all three sets at one time.

The new US Army Commemoratives coins experienced high demand as well. In their second week on the charts, enthusiasts took 14,541 of the silver proofs; 9,301 of the clad proofs; and 2,108 of the gold proofs. The uncirculated versions did well too.

In bullion sales, the year-to-date total for Silver Eagles cleared the 8 million marker by mid-week. The one-tenth ounce Gold Eagles, in a surprise move, leaped by 95,000 during the week and easily topped the totals of the other fractional gold sizes.

The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

Annual Sets Dominate

2011 sets continue to dominate US Mint collector product sales. That is hardly surprising as the Mint has released its three most popular annual sets in two-week increments since early January. What is a bit surprising is the 73,789 weekly advance of the 2011 Proof Set. Aside from its debuting burst of 253,144, the next three weekly gains were each below 26,000. Its sales total is now just under 400,000. The annual proof set and mint set are a popular …

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Buchanan’s Liberty Proof Coins Dive

It has been one week since the US Mint stopped selling Buchanan’s Liberty First Spouse Proof Coins, but instead of seeing big numbers in the most recent United States Mint data to explain why they "sold out," their total dropped back -3. It went from 7,317 down to 7,314. In the meantime, Buchanan’s uncirculated Liberty coins surged by 113. Perhaps the proof’s unavailability spurred the sales. The new total for the uncirculated moved up to 4,574 …

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2011 Silver Proof Sets Rise

Although the US Army Silver Dollar Commemorative Coins were the newest release, collectors scooped up more 2011 Silver Proof Sets than the Army silver coins combined, the latest United States Mint sales figures revealed. 24,630 of the new Silver Proof Sets sold in this round, which was higher than the previous report’s weekly gain of 23,151. The 2011 set has only been on the market about 18 days, and usually sales decline for a longer period …

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Traditional Mint Set Has Pluck

Who would have thought that the 2011 uncirculated coin set would show such early pluck? The first report of sales shows collector purchases at 191,391, which puts it at over one-third of the total achieved by the 2010 set, which by the way, is still selling. This is a meat and potatoes set without any precious metals in it. The 2011 proof set added 73,789 in the past week to bring the total sold so far this year to 395,069. By comparison, the silver proof set sales …

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2011 Uncirculated Mint Set Start

The latest United States Mint product to launch was the 2011 Mint Uncirculated Coin Set. According to new sales figures, the set debuted at 191,391 between its release on Tuesday, February 8, through to Sunday, February 13. Other highly demanded products on the chart were the 2011 Proof Set and the 2011 Silver Proof Set. The United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set is often simply called the Mint Set, and this year it goes for $31.95. It contains …

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Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of February 13.

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