Silver Eagles March To 9 Million

by admin on February 24, 2011

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US Mint coinsSilver Eagles marched to 9 million before the end of the second month of the year, after maintaining their quick pace. Sets were still popular picks on the numismatic front, the latest coin sales figures revealed.

The United States Mint has been selling a lot of Silver Eagles to their Authorized Purchasers. Weekly sales may have been shy of one million, but annual sales cleared the nine million marker by mid-week.

The newly released 2011 Uncirculated Mint Set could not keep up with the 2011 Proof Mint Set, which skyrocketed by 78,551 compared to 20,053. The Silver Proof Set climbed by 14,116.

Proof silver Army commemorative coins gained 7,951, proof clads rose 4,373, and proof gold increased by 1,092. The Medal of Honor commemoratives will appear on the charts in the next report.

The only newcomer was the 2011 Kennedy half dollars. The 200-coin bags debuted with 2,114 and the two-roll sets opened with 8,841.

The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

Silver Eagles Hit 9M

Surging gold and silver prices appear to be helping several US Mint coin products, including bullion American Silver Eagles and collector First Spouse Gold Coins. The latest US Mint sales figures show a near doubling of the weekly First Spouse Gold Coins totals, with 759 sold against 380 from the previous week. Four of the eight 24-karat gold coins enjoyed triple-digit gains. Sales have not been as strong since the week ending December 12. That …

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First Spouse Coin Sales Gain

Remarkably, collectors scooped up nearly twice as many First Spouse Gold Coins in the latest round of weekly sales than previously. Half of the coins leaped with triple digit gains, according to the United States Mint statistics. In all, 759 coins sold compared to 381. The split was fairly close between proofs and uncirculated, 405 and 354 respectively. James Buchanan’s Liberty sold the most and the least. First, his uncirculated version climbed by …

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Silver Eagles’ 9M Milestone

American Silver Eagle coins have just surged past the 9 million milestone for 2011. But while the bullion eagles and the market price of silver may be blasting off, demand for US Mint numismatic silver products is retreating. The two most popular items in the prior US Mint sales report, the 2011 Silver Proof Sets and the US Army Silver Dollar Commemorative Coins, underperformed in this round. The Silver Proof Set remained the top …

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No Juice in Commemoratives?

Even before the Medal of Honor commemoratives were to go on sale Feb. 25, sales of the Army commemoratives seem to be coming to almost a complete stop. This was especially true for the $5 gold pieces. The proof was up by just 1,092. The uncirculated rose by just 375. It was better for silver dollars. The proof moved higher by 7,951 and the uncirculated by 2,705. Half dollars registered gains of 4,373 for the proof and 2,403 for the uncirculated …

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2011 Proof Sets Win

The 2011 Proof Set did it again. It outperformed its weekly sales increase for the second week in a row. Even more impressive was the fact that its sales beat out the uncirculated 2011 Mint Set that just launched on February 8. According to the latest United States Mint sales figures, the Proof Set rose by 78,551. Previously it climbed 73,789. January 11 was its first selling date. The 2011 Mint Set, on the other hand, gained 20,053 during its second week …

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Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of February 20.

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