America The Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins Hit 142,000

by admin on December 24, 2010

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US Mint coinsSales slowed down in mid-December for the United States Mint, but three items shined. First was the America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins. The US Mint’s Authorized Purchasers picked up another 67,000 to hit 142,000. As of Sunday, only 23,000 of the five ounce coins remained, according to their most recent coin sales figures.

The 2010 Proof American Silver Eagles continued their trend for being the most popular numismatic item of the week. However, their numbers slipped from an 89,108 gain in the last round down to 38,066 in this one, and their new total hit 834,879.

The last news makers were the 2010 Proof Gold Eagles. The one-half ounce Gold Eagles apparently sold out this Wednesday even though as of Sunday their total was 10,131. They picked up 1,535 during the week versus 477 previously. The Mint’s product limit for the one-half ounce coins was 15,000. The one-tenth ounce Eagle advanced 1,931 and the Four-Coin Set jumped 3,008.

The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

2010 Proof Gold Eagles Lead

US Mint sales were mixed. 2010 Proof Gold Eagles shined the brightest as a group, rebounding from their previous dip. In fact, the one-half ounce Proof Gold Eagles are now gone, according to the US Mint which changed their status to sold out on Wednesday. The one-ounce size sold out in October. In terms of gains, the Proof Gold Eagles rose 7,178, advancing 1,808 above their prior weekly increase. The one-half ounce size …

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ATB Silver Bullion Coins Nearly Gone

Sales figures from the US Mint show that Authorized Purchasers have ordered nearly all of the available America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins. The AP’s took 67,000 more of the 2010 America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Silver Bullion Coins, which leaves 23,000 out of the 165,000 coins that the Mint said that they would produce for investors. Separating ATB Silver Bullion Coin sales out, 28,400 of the available 33,000 have been ordered for each …

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Coins You Can’t Find Move Well

Though there is virtually no evidence that they are appearing in the market anywhere, the Mint’s back office says 142,000 of the 165,000 America the Beautiful 5-ounce silver bullion coins are spoken for. It is simply a matter of procedure for the rest to be taken. Sales of the proof 2010 silver American Eagle continue to slow down. Just 38,066 more were taken in the latest week. 834,879 have been …

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America the Beautiful Silver Coins Slow

Overall, sales were down in the latest US Mint product figures. Silver Eagles and America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins fell compared to the previous week, and so did gold bullion. Authorized Purchasers picked up another 67,000 America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins, but it was not enough to sell out. 23,000 of the five ounce coins remained. 75,000 were purchased previously …

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Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of December 19.

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