Millionth 2010 US Proof Set Sold

by admin on December 18, 2010

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US Mint coinsThe United States Mint sold over one million 2010 Proof sets, according to their most recent coin sales figures. They also reported a newcomer, the 2010 Uncirculated America the Beautiful Quarters Set.

The new quarters set actually debuted back on November 23, 2010, making it more than two weeks old. Nevertheless, the set opened on the report at 16,307.

The most popular numismatic item in this round, however, was the 2010 Proof American Silver Eagles. Their numbers impressively jumped 89,108 and their new total hit 796,813.

The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

2010 Proof Set Milestone, Quarters Set Opens

New US Mint sales figures include two debuting products and a milestone for 2010 Proof Sets. The Mint’s most popular set offering posted a weekly advance of 22,086 and topped the 1 million marker in sales. It has been available since July 22, 2010 — less than five months, which makes the achievement impressive. Yet, 2010 Proof Sets have a way to go to even match the 1.4+ million in sales the previous two issues achieved. They are …

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Mary Todd Lincoln First Spouse Coins Lead

Fresh United States Mint sales figures revealed another great week for the new Mary Todd Lincoln First Spouse Gold Coins. A sum of 1,021 proof and uncirculated versions shipped to collectors. Broken down, 701 were proofs and 320 were uncirculated. The Mary Todd Lincoln coins were released on Thursday, December 2. Their four-day debuting sales (reported lasted week) came in at 5,505. James Buchanan’s Liberty 24 karat …

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Silver Coin Demand Up

The United States Mint welcomed a newcomer to their America the Beautiful product portfolio. The five ounce 2010 America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins began with debut sales of 75,000 from Authorized Purchasers. That is 375,000 ounces of silver in a single day on their launch Friday. As for the other US Mint bullion product, demand for Silver Eagle bullion coins picked up compared to the first week of December. The .999 fine bullion Silver Eagles advanced 1,005,000 in the last seven days, which totals 1,422,000 in the first half of December. Annual sales rolled in at 34,312,500. Turning to US Mint collector products, demand for …

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Ignore Old Stuff, Where’s ATB?

Sales of 2010 proof silver American Eagles rose by just 89,109. This seems a little on the weak side considering the general frenzy for silver. However, with attention already shifted from the proof Eagle to the America the Beautiful 5-ounce bullion coin, perhaps this should not be a surprise. Who will actually be selling the new 5-ounce coin to the public is on the minds of many collectors …

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America the Beautiful Silver Coins Open

Two more United States Mint products debuted on its sales chart. The 5 ounce, 3 inch America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins started with 75,000 ordered out of the available 165,000 coins the Mint produced. They were released on Friday, December 10, to Authorized Purchasers. The 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters® Uncirculated Set also debuted, starting with 16,307 …

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Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of December 12.

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