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Mint Weeky Reports

US Mint coinsTop numismatic sellers in the most recent United States Mint coin sales figure report were once again sets and gold coins, but the biggest news was in silver bullion.

Silver Eagle bullion coins bulldozed beyond old records to set new all-time highs. Authorized U.S. Mint Purchasers picked up over one million coins in a week and moved the annual sales total beyond 31 million. The old sales record for the series was nearly 29 million. The latest increases gave 2010 Silver Eagles the all-time mintage record, previously held by the 2009 Silver Eagles.
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US Coin Sales: Gold Products Slip

by admin on October 25, 2009

in Mint Weeky Reports

US Mint Coin Sales ReportDemand for gold collector coins mostly declined compared to the prior week’s figures, the latest US Mint sales stats reveal.

2009 UHR Double Eagles pulled back severely, with weekly sales increasing by just 562. Higher gold prices have not been favorable. Demand for First Spouse Gold Coins was down as well. The Sarah Polk proof coin showed the biggest gain, but only with an increase of 79.
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Demand increased for most US Mint coin products during the seven days ending Sunday, October 18, 2009. The standout coin news of the week was the quick sellout of the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set, which succumbed to collector demand with 50,000 gone in less than 30 hours.

The UHR coin topped 100,000, and collector silver coins and sets easily outperformed their prior week’s sales.

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US Mint coinsDemand for US Mint coin products mostly retreated during the seven days ending Sunday, October 11, 2009, except for gold collector coins and bullion coins. Many figures were lower, indicating customer cancellations, returns or accounting corrections. This is not typical in most weekly sales reports. The Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set actually declined by 33,038, falling back below the 600,000 milestone.

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