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by admin on January 29, 2011

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US Mint coinsThe biggest mover was the bullion American Silver Eagles in the most recent coin sales figures from the United States Mint. They made a modest jump of 136,000. Modest best described their growth, since their previous weekly surges were 1.18 million and 1.32 million.

For numismatic products, the 2011 Proof Set was most popular. It is still the newest on the scene, and it jumped another 25,879 in this round to make its new total 279,023.

One ounce bullion Gold Eagles grabbed third place, by leaping 7,500. Their January total rung in at 80,500. For a comparison, they are getting close to their January 2010 level, which was 85,000.

The next biggest movers and shakers were the sets. The 2010 Proof Set rose 3,338, but that was down from 5,378 previously. And the 2010 Silver Proof Set increased 2,711 versus 4,424 in the last round. Climbing another 2,280 was the 2010 Mint Set, and the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set rounded out the leaders with a gain of 1,189.

The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

Modest Gold and Silver Eagles

It was another week of mostly slowing sales for US Mint products, including its headline-making bullion American Gold and Silver Eagles. After US Mint Silver Eagles jumped out of the gate in early January to snatch a new all-time monthly record, not a single sale has been recorded since Friday. In weekly gains, a modest 136,000 were purchased — one of the slowest levels in months. Nearly 1.2 million of the .999 fine silver coins were ordered during the …

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First Spouse Gold Coin Prices Fall

The latest First Spouse Coin news starts with two major developments, prices dropped today for United States Mint gold coins, and Buchanan’s Liberty First Spouse coin sales lead the pack. Each First Spouse coin has lowered in price by $25. Proof versions went from $854.00 to $829.00, and the uncirculated ones changed from $841.00 to $816.00. The new price updates took affect late this morning, on Wednesday, January 26, 2011. The US Mint’s …

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Silver Coin Products Decelerate

Sales of 2011 American Silver Eagle bullion coins continued to climb in January as each new order marks a new record for the series. Demand for other US Mint coin products, however, generally declined, according to the latest round of statistics. The bullion Silver Eagles’ total moved up to 4,724,000 after US Mint Authorized Purchasers bought another 136,000 since last Wednesday. 4.7 million is the new all-time highest monthly record for the silver coins. The record will be broken again before the month ends. However, Silver Eagle bullion sales have notably stalled since an increase was reported on Friday. For a third straight week, American …

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Bullion Eagle Sales on the Rise

We like our bullion coins, whether they are gold or silver. Both saw a nice hike in sales the past week. One ounce bullion Eagle sales climbed 20,000 to a total 80,500 ounces. When fractional gold is figured in, the total number of gold bullion coins sold comes to 98,500 for a total of 83,000 ounces. Sales of bullion silver Eagle 1 ounce coins rose by more than 1 million to a total of 4,724,400 1 ounce coins sold to date …

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2011 Proof Set Jumps 25K

Just like most years, the energy felt at the start of January tapered off as the weeks rolled on. The same was seen in this round of US Mint product sales figures. There were fewer news makers, but the standout was clearly the 2011 Proof Set. Another 25,879 left the Mint’s shelves, which changed their total sold to 279,023 after 13 days since their launch. The US Mint 2011 Proof Set still has not reached the 2010 Proof Set’s first four days sales number of …

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Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of January 23.

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