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by admin on January 22, 2011

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US Mint coinsThe newest offering from the United States Mint shined in the most recent coin sales figures. The 2011 Proof Set debuted at 253,144. It was a slower start than last year’s set, but it was also an earlier release.

For a comparison, the 2010 Proof Set’s inaugural sales were 296,379, and the 2009 version started with 437,178. The 2010 set is still being sold, while the 2009 set’s last reported sales total was 1,477,967.

The total for the 2010 Proof Silver Eagles did not change in this round, but three of the Proof Gold Eagles did. The one-quarter ounce grew by 626 to end at 10,000 while the one-tenth ounce and the Four-Coin Set were reduced by -81 and -1,187 respectively. Their totals arrived at 20,000 and 35,000.

The other two most popular sets slowed compared to the prior week. The 2010 Mint Proof Set rose by 5,378 versus 6,257 previously, and the Silver Proof Set increased by 4,424 after climbing 5,007 last time.

Last, but far from least, was the silver American Eagles. Authorized Purchasers bought another million coins and made January 2011 the highest recorded month in the history of the series. More than 4.5 million had been purchased by Wednesday, January 19. As of this writing, the bullion Silver Eagle’s total was sitting at 4,724,000.

The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

Silver Eagles New Monthly Record

The latest numismatic US Mint sales figures are a tad on the humdrum side after throwing out the newly released 2011 Proof Set and seeing the settling numbers of recently sold out Proof American Eagles. US Mint Bullion coin sales, however, are a different story. Bullion American Silver Eagles have reached a new monthly record at 4.588 million, rising 1,181,000 within the last week. Dipping precious metals prices has been one factor spurring demand. And …

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Buchanan First Spouse Coin Topped Lincoln

Sales certainly slowed for First Spouse Gold Coins and their companion Presidential $1 and First Spouse Medal Sets in the latest round of United States Mint sales figures. Buchanan’s Proof Liberty First Spouse coin beat both of Mary Lincoln’s gold coins combined. In all, the US Mint sold 262 coins versus 601 in the prior report. Buchanan’s Proof Liberty leaped by 103. It was the only one in triple digits. The next closest was Mary Lincoln’s uncirculated …

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Silver Eagle Highest Month Ever

Talk about a busy month for the US Mint. January 2011 sales of Silver Eagle bullion coins shattered the all-time monthly record when they hit 4,588,000 this week. The Silver Eagles total sat at 3,357,000 in the previous report. US Mint Authorized Purchasers bought another 1,231,000 since, breaking the old monthly November 2010 record which sits at 4,260,000. That is smaller than this month’s total by 328,000. With more than a week to go in January 2011, the distance between the old and new record should lengthen significantly more. In numismatic silver coin sales, only two silver items moved as most of the older 2010-dated products are no …

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End of Line for Proof Eagles

Sales figures for the remaining two proof American Eagle gold coins have been nicely rounded. The quarter-ounce proof now is 10,000 while the tenth ounce is 20,000. To reach the first figure, the Mint added 626. So far so good. To reach the second, it subtracted 81. OK. But the real head-scratcher is the 1,187 subtracted from the four-coin set total to bring it to 35,000. All of these nice …

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2011 Proof Set Opening Sales

For collectors, the spotlight was on the 2011 Proof Set. Opening sales hit 253,144 in the first six days, according to the latest US Mint product sales figures. As for the 2010 items, most of the sales were slower than the previous week. The US Mint 2011 Proof Set was released on Tuesday, January 11. Compared to last year’s launch, however, excitement for the new set was more subdued. The 2010 Proof Set …

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Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of January 16.

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