US Mint 2010 Proof Sets Spike, Single 1 oz 2010-W Proof Gold Eagles Sell Out

by admin on November 5, 2010

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US Mint coinsThe ending to October sales had some style, according to the latest United States Mint coin sales figures. Collectors purchased just enough to cause certain numismatic products to hit some milestones, starting with a golden sell out.

The individual one ounce 2010-W Proof Gold Eagle sold out after the last 3,698 were purchased. The individual ounce arrived at its product limit of 25,000 only three weeks after its debut, and the Mint’s standby or waiting list option is now in affect for it. As for the fractional sizes and the Four-Coin Sets, they will remain on the market much longer.

The real mover of the group, however, was the 2010 Proof Set. An impressive 51,016 were bought in one week. Enthusiasm for the set had been growing in recent weeks. The previous gains had been 40,006 and before that they were 22,415. Its total flew past the 800,000 marker.

The Silver Proof Set easily topped 400,000 after 10,343 were scooped up by collectors. The Mint’s on-again off-again 2009 DC & US Silver Quarters Proof Set added 50, to make its total 298,612, which was still just under the 300,000 threshold.

The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

2010 Proof Sets Spike

The latest U.S. Mint sales figures were mixed in terms of week-over-week gains. But several coin products hit notable milestones, like the 2010 Proof Set which topped 800,000. The 2010 Proof Sets, which launched on July 22, 2010, were also the biggest movers in collector coins. Marking an impressive string of three weekly performance gains, they advanced 22,415 in the second full week in October, added another 40,006 …

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First Spouse Gold Coin Sales Increase

The First Spouse Gold Coin series regained some strength in the latest round of United States Mint sales data. Combined totals of the 24 karat gold coins reached 128, after the previous week’s serious drop to 54. Overall totals had been 539 and 683 in recent weeks, but Buchanan’s Liberty coin sales went from triple digit increases down to single and double digit movements these last …

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2010 Silver Proof Set Milestone

Silver demand turned 180 degrees in one week, according to the most recent sales report from the United States Mint. End of month sales slowed for numismatic products, but the silver sets made headway on some milestones. First, the 2010 Silver Proof Set, which launched on August 26, cleared the 400K marker by picking up 10,343 and taking its total from 398,055 to 408,398. Second, the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set moved up …

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First of Proof Eagles Sells Out

The “sold out” sign has been placed on the proof one-ounce gold American Eagle coins as of the end of October. The 25,000 coins found ready buyers in approximately three weeks following the commencement of sales on Oct. 7. The four other options continue to have plenty of supply. While the one-ounce coin was selling an additional 3,698, the half ounce was moving …

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One Ounce 2010 Proof American Gold Eagle Hits 25,000

2010 Proof Gold Eagle coins posted a comeback in this round of US Mint sales figures, after a cool off in the previous round. A few other items skyrocketed, like the proof sets, and two more beyond those hit major milestones. Just when things seemed like they were cooling down, U.S. Mint data revealed 3,698 more one ounce proof American Gold Eagle coins were ordered by collectors. It came after 2,107 orders were placed the …

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Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of October 31.

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