US Mint Gold Coin Sales Ease, Silver Approach Milestones

by admin on October 30, 2010

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US Mint coinsThere were a few unusual highlights in the latest United States Mint coin sales figures. Overall, sales were mixed. Proof gold coin demand fell while bullion gold climbed. Sets experienced a comeback, while one of them sold out.

First Spouse Gold coin sales only moved by 54 after gaining 539 in the last round. In fact, the uncirculated Buchanan Liberty was reduced by -29. A few collectors picked up some Proof Gold American Eagles, but not as many as before, and even fewer enthusiasts bought the Proof Buffalo gold coins.

The US Mint removed the recently popular 2009 DC/Territories Quarters Silver Proof Sets from their line up (they sold out), but the Mint Proof Sets skyrocketed and the Silver Proof Sets improved too. The silver sets were only 1,945 away from hitting the 400,000 milestone.

Demand for silver Eagle bullion eased only a little but the gain brought the year-to-date total to 28,080,500. There is only 686,000 more to go before matching the Eagles all-time record of 28,766,500, which was set in 2009.

The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

Bullion Coins Spike, Silver Quarters Set Sells Out

Coins left U.S. Mint inventories slower. Only a handful of products peaked over their previous weekly gains, according to the latest coin sales figures from the United States Mint. The 2009 Quarters Silver Proof Sets stood taller for a second straight week, rising 1,762 against 1,070. The set remains the best Mint bargain considering it is priced at $29.95 and includes over an ounce of silver worth $26 at a silver spot of $24. In contrast …

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First Spouse Buchanan Liberty Gold Coin Sales Plummet

Demand for First Spouse Gold Coins bottomed out in the most recent United States Mint sales figures. A serious drop in Buchanan’s Liberty coin sales combined with lower output from each of the other available options led to a net gain of 54. In the previous round, 539 of the 24 karat gold coins sold. The biggest mover went the wrong way. 3,965 was the new total for uncirculated …

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Upcoming Milestones for Silver Eagles, Silver Sets

Silver coins went for a spin in the latest round of United States Mint figures. What was up went down and vice versa: weekly silver sales of bullion coins curbed slightly while numismatic items exceeded prior gains. The Mint sold 600,000 Silver Eagle coins in the last seven days, but in the previous week 650,000 were sold in six days. The up-side is that the October total of 2.6 million has already worked its way up to be the 6th best month of 2010, and there …

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No Sellout for Buchanan Gold

Hopes in some quarters that the Buchanan First Spouse gold coins might sell out may be giving way to despair this week as the proof version registered sales of seven coins and the uncirculated number actually fell; returns no doubt. The maximum number that can be struck and sold is 15,000, so current totals combined put us two-thirds of the way there. The gold proof Buffalo moved up …

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Silver Eagles Total Climbs, Spouse Gold Coins Fall

The latest US Mint sales data showed mixed results. Several items exceeded their prior weekly gains, especially collector sets, while all of proof gold coins cooled off. Starting with bullion, Silver Eagle coins added another 600,000 to its October total, pushing it to 2.6 million. Now its sales rank 6th-best compared to other months in 2010. Year-to-date numbers topped 28 million. For bullion Gold Eagles, the one ounce versions jumped …

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Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of October 24.

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