US Mint Bullion Coin Sales Update – May 11

by admin on May 11, 2009

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US Bullion Coins & SalesDemand for American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins is still strong, based on Monday data of US Mint reported sales. However, new sale totals are down just slightly from those reported on May 4.

Sales of silver eagles were up 5.3 percent while gold eagles improved by 4.3 percent. That compares to the prior 5.6 percent and 4.7 percent increases.

Given that the US Mint sells bullion coins only to authorized dealers who then sell to the public, some give and take and delay should be placed into the equation for judging “today’s demand” when having just Mint numbers at hand.

Last week silver and gold prices picked up. In fact, London spot silver surged 14.4%. While one can assume dealer inventories may be lower, and replacement orders may have been placed or could be on the way, the picture is simply incomplete without having access to dealer sales. Should gold and silver prices continue upward this week, however, it would not be surprising to see next week’s Mint bullion sales at their best for the month.

Here are tables containing the most recent Mint sales figures for bullion coins:

Recent Two Weeks Bullion Coin Sales Totals

May 4
May 11
Unit Difference
% Difference
Silver Eagle Sales
Gold Eagle Sales

2009 American Eagle Bullion Coin Sales by Month

  Silver Eagles Gold Eagles
January 1,900,000 92,000
February 2,125,000 113,500
March 3,132,000 136,500
April 2,518,000 147,500
May* 1,034,500 44,500
Total 10,709,500 534,000

*As of May 11th.

The US Mint has not yet begun selling 2009 Platinum Eagle and American Buffalo bullion coins. The following pages have been updated with the latest figures:

For links to the latest sales figures for US Mint collector coins, follow Collector Coin Sales.

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