US Mint Collector Coin Sales Update – May 16

by admin on May 17, 2009

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Sales declined mostly for US Mint collector coins. UHR $20 gold coins did pick up, but only very slightly. 61,757 have no been sold, with an increase of 784 over the prior week.

Compared to the last report, the selling pace of Braille Commemoratives dropped significantly. New sales were down by more than 75 percent to just 4,617 compared the prior 20,306. The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) is hoping 50,000 coins will be purchased from the US Mint while two Braille Silver Dollars are in space for 11 days. NFB will have a huge hurdle to overcome, it appears.

Louisa Adams First Spouse coins picked up nicely. New sales for the uncirculated option rose 5.3 percent and the proof increased by 3.4 percent. The most likely explanation is that the Mint will top selling them on June 4 when the the gold coins honoring Letitia Tyler are issued.

The new 2009 Lincoln Cent launched Thursday. All indicates are showing that there will likely be huge sales results in the works for week one. The Lincoln Dollars and 1st cent sold out, and prices have gone up significantly in the secondary market. Follow Rail Splitter Designed Cent #2 for more information on the coin.

The very latest US Mint coin sales statistics are always added on Coin Sales Figures throughout the week. The following four articles, however, provide insights and analysis about the latest changes. While not related to collector coins, one additional article was included that discusses sales of American Eagle Bullion Coins.

Braille Dollars and Puerto Rico Quarters Decline, UHR’s Over 61K

Mint Sales Figures ImageCoin collectors have shifted into a lower buying gear during the last several days. While US Mint sales of UHR $20 gold pieces inched, or more aptly millimetered higher, demand fell for Braille Bicentennial Dollars and Puerto Rico quarters.

Ultra High Relief (UHR) $20 gold coins had just come in 27 short of 61,000 in the previous report. That number has been breached, plus 757 more. Sales increased 1.3 percent compared to the prior 1.0 percent rise. As a side note, the Mint increased the UHR price Wednesday by $50. That is likely to play into next week’s sales figures to some degree.

For the second straight time, Braille Bicentennial Dollar sales have declined. However, the newest batch of numbers are down substantially while those…

Full Article: Braille Dollars and Puerto Rico Quarters Decline, UHR’s Over 61K – CoinNews

First Spouse Coin Sales – May 13

First Spouse Coin Sales Figures In an unusual week of reporting for the series, Anna Harrison First Spouse Gold Coin sales declined but tallies for all other First Lady coins were higher.

More coin collectors are buying up Louisa Adams First Spouse coins in particular. New sales for the uncirculated coin increased by 187 and the proof option saw a rise of 209. The numbers are nothing to shout home about, but are actually solid when it comes to the series. As a comparison, the same coins totals in the prior report were 55 and 45, respectively…

Full Article: First Spouse Coin Sales – May 13 – First Spouse Coins

US Silver Commemorative Coin Sales

Sales Stats imageExcluding 2009 Quarters Silver Proof Sets, demand for US silver collector coins tumbled based on the latest United States Mint sales report.

Taking the biggest hit were Braille Silver Dollars. Sales of the coins did show slippage in last week’s report, but they remained exceptionally high. The latest figures have percent increases dropping to single digits. It will be interesting to see if the NFB and Braille coin space flight news perks up the numbers next week, and how many more over 150,000 are bought…

Full Article: US Silver Commemorative Coin Sales – Silver Coins Today

Mint Stats: Braille Commem Sales Pace Ratchets Lower

Braille sales didn’t hold up after I put the spotlight on them last week. Totals crawled a little bit higher. You will notice a little reworking of some of the boxes this week as closed program totals are removed and new arrivals take their place.

The First Day Cover Box has added the District of Columbia offer. You will see that only 25,000 will be sold, so one-third have…

Full Article: Mint Stats: Braille Commem Sales Pace Ratchets Lower – NumisMaster

Gold and Silver Eagle Bullion Coin Sales

US Bullion CoinsUS Mint American Eagle Gold and Silver Bullion Coins have started the year hulkishly strong, with sales of silver eagles at an all time high and gold eagles marking their highest level since 1999.

The numbers are more historically impressive considering the series has been around since 1986 — the demand so high that the US Mint has suspended production of their collector proof and uncirculated counterparts. (See 2009 American Eagle Silver Coins Suspended and 2009 American Eagle Gold Coins Suspended.)

In a Silver Coins Today article, Eagle Silver Bullion Coins Smash Records, the analysis shows how the rate of sales up through April translates to an annual rate of 29 millions coins. And how, in those months, “an eye-popping 9,675,000 silver eagles were sold.” Should the numbers hold…

Full Article: Gold and Silver Eagle Bullion Coin Sales – Coin Collecting News

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