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US Mint coinsCompared to recent weeks, United States Mint collector coins slowed in the latest coin sales figures. From 2011 commemoratives to annual sets to America the Beautiful Quarters, nearly every item pulled back. Bullion American Eagles, however, were different.

The 2011 Medal of Honor Coins went from a 37,317 increase in the prior week’s sales to only 12,747 in this round. Demand for US Army commemoratives eased too. They went from a 16,227 leap to one that was just 6,128.

Another noteworthy change was the number of sales totals that were trimmed, possibly due to returns, cancellations or accounting. The biggest one was the Mount Hood quarters correction. The totals for the 100-coin bags were reduced by a combined count of 5,176. Its two-roll sets declined even more. They were reduced by 17,074.

Bullion Silver Eagles were about the only highlight in the news. Their 2011 annual sales number jumped by 748,500 during the week to land above 11 million. Currently, they are holding on to fourth place for the highest sales since the series started in 1986.

The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

Collector Products Ease, Bullion Grows

Coin collectors appear to have taken a spring break vacation as buying activity for American numismatic coins and sets retreated, according to the latest US Mint sales figures. Several US Mint products actually declined from their previous tallies, indicating a batch of customer returns, cancellations or accounting updates. Bags and rolls of Mount Hood National Park Quarters fell the most after an unexpected uptick reported last week indicated soaring …

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First Spouse Coins Slow

Most of the demand for First Spouse Gold Coins diminished during the latest round of the United States Mint sales figures. Six out of eight coins slowed, including the two sold out coins. Overall, 336 coins sold, compared to 368 previously. The two with sold out statuses, the James Buchanan’s Liberty Proof Coin and the Jane Pierce Proof Coin, both tumbled by -9 each. Buchanan’s uncirculated, however, blazed forward by 199 and outperformed its prior …

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Silver Commemoratives Weaken

Collector demand abated for US Mint silver products, including the new 2011 commemorative silver dollars. Bullion American Silver Eagle coins, on the other hand, gained and have topped 11 million in annual sales. Silver Eagles climbed by 748,500. As a comparison, US Mint Authorized Purchasers scooped up 668,500 during the previous week. The total for March has now moved up to 1,417,000. Year-to-date sales remarkably arrived at 11,079,000 …

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Never Mind About Hood Quarters

What the Mint giveth, the Mint taketh away. As I expected, the numbers for the Mount Hood quarters last week were indeed wonky. The Philadelphia quarter bag was reduced to 5,834 this week from last week’s reported 8,440. The Denver bag dropped to 5,597 from 8,167 and the two-roll set fell from 48,905 to 31,831. This week is also noteworthy for a number of items going off sale. The proof Jane Pierce First Spouse gold coin and the Buchanan proof are …

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Silver Eagles Record

Bullion American Silver Eagles stood out as compared to slipping numismatic sales at the United States Mint. The Silver Eagles climbed higher toward another annual record while collector sets and coins weakened and slowed. US Mint bullion American Silver Eagles added 748,500 to their March total, bringing it to 1,417,000. With it, annual sales treaded lightly beyond the 11 million milestone. 2011 moved from fifth place to fourth place for highest annual …

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Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of March 13.

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