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Boy Scout coins are still very favorable among collectors and many other Americans. Sales climbed by another 51,000 in one week’s time. Another popular item was the Veteran’s Disabled for Life coins. They rose by 7,000.

Presidential $1 Proof Sets bounced back after last week’s negative adjustment of -31,000. The sets advanced by 8,000, according to the last US Mint sale report.

The latest US Mint sales stats are always added on Coin Sales Figures throughout the week. The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

2009 US Mint Uncirculated Sets Topped 750,000

Mint Sales Figures ImageDemand generally declined for United States Mint bullion and numismatic products toward the end of March and through to the start of April’s holiday-shortened first week. 2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollars are still racing. BSA coins reached 76% of the maximum allotted on Sunday, with 266,517 of the available 350,000 scooped up by collectors. Should the pace continue, the coins will be gone before month’s end. Prior US Mint sales reports showed that DAV silver dollar sales dipped and then enjoyed a second wind during the fourth week of March. Their momentum …

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All First Spouse Gold Coin Sales Rise But Fillmore

First Spouse Coin Sales Figures Although First Spouse Gold Coin sales as a group have been naturally declining after an initial bump was brought about with the release of the 2010 Abigail Fillmore First Spouse Coins, new totals were only slightly smaller compared to last week’s report. The latest United States Mint weekly data reveals 1,038 were purchased versus 1,125. The biggest difference can be attributed to the newest coins. 534 proof and 232 uncirculated Abigail Fillmore coins sold last week, as opposed to their previous pick up of 617 and 323 …

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Boy Scouts Silver Commemoratives Hit 266,000

Sales Stats imageSilver coins were not shining as bright last week as the week before, according to the latest United States Mint sales report. Demand dropped across all U.S. Mint silver numismatic products, but the softened sales appear to be more a reflection of collectors who have already made their new coin purchases than of anything else. 2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollars are still hot, and it is typical for weekly sales to decline following the burst of buying action surrounding their March 23 launch. Sales have …

Full Article: Boy Scouts Silver Commemoratives Hit 266,000 –

Boy Scout sales figures leap ahead

Boy Scout silver dollar sales are up by a combined 51,844 this week to a total of 266,517. The Mint had 83,483 left as of April 4 after almost two weeks’ of sales. In case you haven’t already noticed, this week’s arrangement of boxes is different from last week’s because of the ad configuration. The Disabled Vets dollars are moving slowly. Just 7,010 were sold in the past week …

Full Article: Boy Scout sales figures leap ahead – Numismatic News

Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of April 4.

Tables of the latest sales for US Mint collector coins are always available from Collector Coin Sales, and the prior report may be read by following US Mint Collector Coins Pick Up. Recent US Mint Bullion Coin Sales are also available.

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