US Mint Sales Figures Show Silver Eagles Climb, Mount Hood Quarters Retreat

by admin on April 1, 2011

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US Mint coinsIn the most recent United States Mint coin sales figures, demand for bullion American Eagles climbed the most while many collector sets and coins retreated.

Silver Eagles led with a jump in sales of 697,500 by mid week and ended March with a total of 2,767,000. Presently, 2011 sales rang in at 12,479,000.

The one item collectors coveted the most in this round was the 2011 Silver Proof Set. They took in 19,640 of them, but that was less than the 25,940 previously. So far, a total of 344,840 have sold.

The biggest losers of the group were the Mount Hood quarters bags and rolls. Their big leap in the prior report was retracted in this one. The 100-coin bags’ combined sales drop equaled -5,580 and the two-roll sets tumbled by -17,115.

The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

Bullion American Eagles Lead

American Eagle bullion coins took center stage in the latest batch of US Mint sales figures. Their week-over-week sales levels improved for all but one offering. Seventeen US Mint numismatic products also outperformed their prior weekly gains, but the general sales trend for most collector coins and sets was down. Several were actually yanked back, registering lower totals than a week ago. The one-quarter ounce American Gold Eagle remained unchanged at …

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Buchanan’s Liberty Falls

Returns, cancellations, and/or accounting corrections negatively affected most of the First Spouse Gold Coin sales performance, the latest United States Mint sales data revealed. Their cumulative total tumbled by -350 compared to what seemed like a remarkable high of 968 in the prior report. The biggest decrease happened to the uncirculated Buchanan’s Liberty option. In the previous round, it jumped by 493, but this time the uncirculated Buchanan’s Liberty total …

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Silver Eagles Hot

The market for bullion American Silver Eagles remains hot in March, but United States Mint numismatic silver products slowed for another week. One item did out-do its prior performance. Silver Eagles have been getting closer to the 3 million marker for March, but they have not crossed it yet. 2,767,000 have sold to US Mint Authorized Purchasers this month. As a comparison, nearly 3.4 million sold in March 2010 and more than 3.1 million sold in March 2009 …

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Gold Buffalo Interest at Limits?

Only 4,000 coins were sold this week as compared to last week’s debut number of 31,000. Naturally the rhythm of the marketplace dictates weekly sales totals, but is buyer interest in this coin already limited? Interest in Medal of Honor commemoratives again exceeded that for the Army coins, but the sales rate continues to fall. Just 853 gold proofs were sold, bringing the total to 10,811. The uncirculated gold total rose by 377. The more popular and cheaper silver …

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Silver Proof Set Slows

Sales of the United States Mint’s numismatic items mostly slumped following an up week. Silver products led while gold mostly fizzled. Just a few handful of offerings managed to exceed their prior week’s sales. The US Mint best seller was the 2011 Silver Proof Set. Collectors took in 19,640. In the last round, the sets surged by 25,940. The 2011 Proof Set was next, with 13,829. Clad Mount Hood Quarter products and a few First Spouse Gold Coins fell back …

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Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of March 27.

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