Yellowstone Quarter Three-Coin Set Highest Seller

by admin on January 14, 2011

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US Mint coinsIn the last United States Mint coin sales figures, the newly released Yellowstone National Park Quarter Three-Coin Set was the highest seller. Collectors took in 11,115 of them in four days. That was slightly higher than Hot Springs three quarter set, which began at 10,684 back in November.

The second biggest mover was the 2010 Mint Proof Set with a gain of 6,257. The Silver Proof Set was close behind with 5,007.

As for the sold out 2010 Proof Silver Eagles, their total moved up by 3,644. The new tally ended at a nice, round number – 860,000. Coincidence? It is hard to say when it comes to the Mint’s sales figures. Some sold out item totals remain unchanged, but others change a lot. The 2010 Proof Silver Eagle number has now changed twice since it sold out in December.

The following articles, however, provide detailed insights and analysis about the latest changes.

2011 Bullion Eagles Take Off

An increase in 2010 Silver Proof Eagles and record-approaching 2011 Silver Bullion Eagles are the most interesting aspects in the latest US Mint sales report. The Proof Eagle coins have seen two weekly adjustments since they sold out in late December. The latest brings them up 3,644 to 860,000, which would seem like a natural stopping point. Collectors will have to wait until the July time frame for the 2011 Silver Proof Eagles to make their appearance …

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Proof First Spouse Gold Coins Up

United States Mint sales figures were quite good for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential $1 and First Spouse Medal Set and the proof versions of three First Spouse Gold Coins. Abigail Fillmore and Buchanan’s Liberty gold coins both beat out Mary Lincoln’s proof for the top spots. Collectors gobbled up another 997 of the Abraham and Mary Lincoln Presidential $1 and First Spouse Medal Sets in this round and pushed their new total to …

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Proof American Silver Eagles Rise

2010 Proof American Silver Eagle coins seized 860,000 after climbing another 3,644 in this round of US Mint sales figures. Bullion Silver Eagles climbed even more, while silver sets, on the other hand, slowed. An even number like 860,000 seems like a stopping point for the 2010 Proof Silver Eagles, but that would be hard to predict as returns, cancellations, and adjustments often follow a sell out. The US Mint stopped selling the proof coins back on Tuesday, December 28, when the total was at 834,879. Then they added 21,477 the following week and most recently 3,644. Although the total is higher, the amount of 2010-dated coins sold remained …

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2011 Offerings Creep Into Lists

The next few weeks will see new 2011 listings added as the annual proof and mint sets are offered and the U.S. Army commemoratives are introduced. To make room, concluded programs with the asterisks by the numbers will be dropped. Take note of these if you need them for personal reference. The American Eagle bullion gold and silver cumulative totals in the right-most column will …

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Yellowstone 3-Coin Set Debut Sales

The Yellowstone Quarter 3-Coin Set debuting numbers are in, and the sold-out 2010 Proof Silver Eagles shot up again in the most recent US Mint product sales figures. Older collector sets eased in this round, as did the new Lincoln Presidential $1 Coin Cover. The Yellowstone National Park Quarter 3-Coin Set debuted on the charts at 11,115, a stronger start than the Hot Springs Quarter 3-Coin Set …

Full Article: Yellowstone 3-Coin Set Debut Sales –

Each of the above linking articles reference US Mint figures as of January 9.

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